Jégvirág Agility Competition - 2nd place

On January 29, Luna and I took part in the very first agility competition of our lives. It was an “unofficial” event, we entered the beginner category among the “L” size dogs at a jump height of 50 cm. Luna (Winterwater Creek’s Just a Sweetheart) was the only English Springer Spaniel entered- and as usual, she performed fantastically even in the new situation, watching me and foloowing my instructions perfectly amidst the many people, barking dogs and loudspeaker. Out of the 14 pairs in the category, we finished 4th in the first race and 2nd in the second race based on our time result - and with this our overall result was 2nd,. I am very proud and satisfied with i t- Luna was simply flying and very, very fast.

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