We traveled to Austria in November and took part in the first and third days of a three-day show series in Tulln. Luna again achieved very nice results and received beautiful critics:

Friday: CACA, res.CACIB judge: mr Günter Wonisch (Austria)

Sunday: CACA, best bitch, CACIB, BOS, BUNDESSIEGER Judge: MrAlessandro Zeppi (Italy)

On Saturday we had a day off and went on a trip with our Austrian friends and Luna’s English Springer Spaniel relatives. Vienna and its surroundings are a big favorite of ours- even in the foggy, dripping weather of November.

Tulln 2021 - Bundessieger - and our English Springer Spaniel family

We closed the year on December 30th with a double show and fantastic results. The Budapest European Dog Show and the European Spaniel Speciality Show organized by the Spaniel Breeders' Association took place in parallel. We were really up in the New Year's Eve mood and spent the day happily with our spaniel friends. It was so good to see many foreign English springer spaniel acquaintances again and meet new people as well. And Luna excelled:

FCI European Dog Show (EDS): open class 2nd (Res.CAC) Judge: Mr Laurent Pichard (Switzerland)

European Spaniel Speciality: open class 1st place (CAC) Judge: Ms. Vibe Boregard Madsen (Danmark)

EDS and Spaniel Speciality 2021

Our little old cavalier king charles spaniel, Max, also accompanied us to the show. We had no idea he would leave us forever in two days…. He lived for almost 15 years - we will keep him in our hearts forever.

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