Luna – Winterwater Creek’s Just a Sweetheart

The English Springer Spaniel is a medium-sized, symmetrically built, compact, strong, active dog with long, decorative coat. Highest on leg and raciest in build of all British land Spaniels. He must not be like a big cocker - while the cocker is square, the springer should be a little bit longer, still, compact. Its overall structure shows well the ability to work hard, hunt, run, jump, with well angulated front and hind legs, strong, quality bones, small stuffed paws, deep chest, well arched ribs, strong joints. The bones are strong but not rough, it is very important that the overall effect of the springer reflects elegance and nobility.

His head and gaze are very characteristic — his almond-shaped, brown eyes reveal his kind, tender, devoted, intelligent, and affectionate nature. The eyes are medium-sized, almond-shaped, neither protruding nor too deep set, the conjunctiva must not be visible. Its color is dark hazel - light eyes are quite common but not desirable - it is related to the liver color genes, but detracts from the kind expression of the eyes. Also the head is not a cocker's head, with a fairly broad, slightly convex skull, a part of the face in balance with it, which is sufficiently deep and wide, with well-developed nostrils. Between the two eyes, in the longitudinal direction of the forehead, a groove of gradually decreasing depth runs backwards towards the occipital bone. The occipital bone is not pronounced. The facial part is subtly drawn under the eyes, which contributes to the nobility and quality of the head. A skull that is too wide, too coarse, and “too many lips and lobes” is not elegant, while a narrow, too fine skull is not typical.

A beautiful, typical head - Trollängens SHE

The ears are lobular, good length and width, fairly close to head, set in line with eye. Nicely feathered. Jaws strong, with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping lower teeth and set square to the jaws. Neck is good length, strong and muscular, free from throatiness, slightly arched, tapering towards head. Forelegs are straight and well boned. Shoulders sloping and well laid. Elbows set well to body. Strong flexible pasterns. Chest is strong, neither too long nor too short. Backline is straight and close to horizontal. Chest deep, well developed. Well sprung ribs. Loin muscular, strong with slight arch and well coupled. Hindlegs well let down. Stifles and hocks moderately bent. Thighs broad, muscular, well developed. Coarse hocks undesirable.

Tight, compact, well rounded, with strong, full pads. "Cat-paws")

Tail is set low, never carried above level of back. Well feathered with lively action. In balance with the rest of the dog. Previously customarily docked.

the movement is strictly his own. Forelegs swing straight forward from shoulder, throwing feet well forward in an easy free manner. Hocks driving well under body, following in line with forelegs. This special movement is a very important value of the breed, has to be preserved. (At slow movement may have a pacing stride typical of this breed.)

The coat is close, straight and weather resisting, never coarse. Moderate feathering on ears, forelegs, body and hindquarters. The colours: Liver and white, black and white, or either of these colours with tan markings.

Approximate height: 51 cms (20 ins). (Bitches a bit smaller, males a bit larger.)