The english springer spaniel is a perfect sporting dog

The springer is a real spaniel, friendly, cheerful and lively, always with a happy wagging tail. Shyness or aggression are serious mistakes. Funny, havin good sense of humour, sensitive, real family dogs. When outdoors, they enjoy running around, searching and investigating for hours, while in the apartment they are quiet and calm. They are perfect room-mates, loving to be lazy. They need to be always close to the owner, and love physical contact - always touching the beloved person with their body if possible. With their irresistible eyes they can soften even the toughest hearts - so they easily become a "sofa and bed dog" in the end. It is rather cruel to keep them alone in a kennel or garden and not let them into the house. They also like very much the company of their own breed, and they can easily be kept in a big "herd", both bitches and males get along well with each other. With early habituation, they will be good buddies with other animals and kittens as well. They are very good signal dogs but only bark when there is real reason for it. Of course, don't expect them to be a strict house-guard, they are too friendly, handing out kisses after the first few minutes.

There is some stubbornness in them, and it must also be acknowledged that they have a relatively high tendency to dominate, especially males, but this can be nicely restored in the puppies through consistent upbringing and “clarification” in time.

They love to play, play catches, apport balls, and as is worthy of a good spaniel, love to swim and paddle. Their need for movement is quite high at a young age, later moderate. A big, free running in nature every day is definitely needed to make them feel good. In addition, it is important to give them work and tasks. Recommended for active, nature-loving owners who can devote enough time to their dog.

They have very balanced temperament, always wanting to please the owner. They learn fast and easy, enjoy working, but not hyperactive. Like all spaniels, they are “thinking” dogs - they have to see the meaning of the task: they don't like repeating a hundred times, but they can be highly motivated by food, play, and praise. They are sensitive dogs, cannot be targeted with rudeness or excessive rigor - they will get scared of such treatment, and they will be discouraged from work forever. They should be allowed to be puppies and requirements should be only gradually increased. Of course, the basic boundaries need to be laid early - a strict “no” , "come" and disabling food aggression in the first months are essential and the easiest way to lay a stable ground.

A true versatile breed: due to its balanced nervous system and very “human” characteristics, many of them are suitable for therapyc dog tasks; its excellent nose and working spirit, its medium size and good movement coordination make them a popular and widely used breed in various search dog tasks (drug and explosives search, tracking, people search, area and ruin search). And for the same reason, they are excellent for truffle-seeking dogs.and great hobby sport dogs: mantrailing, agility, dog-dancing, dummy, obedience - a skillful and fantastic partner in anything. 

But of course, they are primarily hunting dogs, and although most show-type springers are now considered a family pet, still quite many are used in hunting as well. Their hunting instinct is excellent, hey are super searchers in both bushy, or open grassy areas or water. Many individuals perform well in “dummy” trainings and field trials. 

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